Supporting Comprehension and Active Reading in the Content Areas:

Where to Begin

Welcome! This space provides resources for teachers who are beginning to support comprehension and active reading within any content area. Choose those that interest you most, and consider joining this space and adding the resources that you find to be of value as well.

Active Reading Resources for Teachers:

Prereading Strategies and Activities
Before, During and After Reading Approaches to Consider
The Reading Lady
Steve Peha: Teaching That Makes Sense
Jim Burke: English Companion
What the Research Says: On Teaching Inference as a Comprehension Strategy
Articles and Reports from Jim Burke at the English Companion

Resources for a Text-Based Discussion:

Considerate vs. Inconsiderate Text
Considerate vs. Inconsiderate Text: An Introduction to Reading Comprehension

An Overview of Text Structures
An Overview of Text Structures: Five Expository Text Structures and Their Signal Words

Narrative and Expository Text
Narrative vs. Expository Text: Perceiving Text Structure

Web-Based Text
Caroline Jarrett: Is Reading on the Web Really Different?
The New York Times: The Future of Reading
Will Richardson: Kids Prefer Reading Online

Other Tools and Resources That Can Guide Your Planning:

Research-Based Content Area Reading Instruction:

taken from the Mosaic Listserv

If the resources here aren't appealing to you, feel free to explore my bookmarks relevant to comprehension at Diigo.