Hooking Reluctant Readers

Why Would a Reluctant Reader Want to Read Paranoid Park by Blake Nelson?

Paranoid Park
Paranoid Park

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Online Resources and Research

Considering a Vygotskian Instructional Model

A Theory of Teaching by Jeff Wilhelm, Jule Dube, Tonya Baker
This selection from Strategic Reading draws a connection between theoretical and instructional models, articulating the belief that teaching and learning are two-sided, requiring effort toward the process from both teacher and student.

Creating Zones of Possibility for Struggling Readers: A Study of One Fourth Grader's Shifting Roles in Literature Discussions by Karla Moller
Moller contends that the assumptions we make about readers and reading influence our abilities to respond to struggling readers in ways that best meet their needs. This study documents her work with Ashley, a struggling fourth grade reader who positioned herself within collaborative discussion groups as one who was able to both receive and provide meaningful support from her peers.

Tools of the Mind by Elena Bodrova and Deborah Leong
A case study of Vygotskian approaches in early childhood programs within the United States.

Engaging Reluctant Readers

Starting the Fire: Motivating Readers by Jeff Wilhelm
This excerpt from Action Strategies for Deepening Comprehension emphasizes the use of enactment to engage readers and help them build meaning. Preview the book here.

Sarah Kajder Brings the Outside In to Engage Reluctant Readers Review by Susan Graham
Sarah Kajder suggests digital storytelling and the use of other visual tools to motivate reluctant readers. In the first chapter of her book, she asks us to consider this question: What Does Reading Look Like, Anyway?

A Reluctant Reader Interprets Romeo and Juliet:

How Can We Use YouTube to Engage Readers?

Twilight Tribute to Edward and Bella:

Additional Resources

Consider this blog post by Kierra Parrott: The Reluctant Reader's Bill of Rights. Other blog posts about reluctant readers can be found on Wordpress.

Linda Starr links to a variety of interesting strategies for engaging reluctant readers in this Education World article.

The Stenhouse Blog offers recommendations for working with reluctant readers, book suggestions, and a podcast featuring Kimberly Hill Campbell, the author of Less is More. Her piece focuses on the power of short text.

Finding Books for Reluctant Readers

Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers from the Young Adult Library Services Association
Grreat Books provides a massive searchable database for gifted and reluctant readers.
Books tagged "reluctant readers" on LibraryThing, Goodreads, and Shelfari.
High interest/low reading level book publishers are recommended here and here. A variety of resources for reluctant readers are available too.
Please see my wikispace devoted to reader's workshop to discover how to learn more about book swaps, book hunts, web 2.0 tools that engage kids in reading, and how to build a classroom library without breaking your budget!

Leveraging Web 2.0 Tools

Jennifer Carrier Dorman shares a bounty of incredible newbie-friendly resources for you to begin exploring on your own on her wikispace.
Be certain to scroll through the sidebar to discover what she shares about digital storytelling, blogging, wikis, and podcasting.

Books to Film: Consider Using the Trailers
Please preview to determine appropriateness for your students. Some of these books/films contain mature content.

Compile your own list by researching books that have been made into film and searching for video clips on YouTube.
Is YouTube blocked in your school? Learn how to deal with that here.

**Apocolypse Now**
**Chronicles of Narnia**
**City of Ember**
**Freaky Friday**
**Girl Interrupted**
**Harry Potter**
**Kit Kittredge: American Girl**
**Lord of the Rings**
**Marley and Me**
**Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist**
**Ordinary People**
**Schindler's List**
**The Golden Compass**
**The Secret Life of Bees**
**The Shining**
**The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants**
**The Spiderwick Chronicles**
**The Time Traveler's Wife**
**When Did You Last See Your Father?**