Cultivating a love of reading ranks high on every teacher's priority list. This page will be home to a growing collection of resources and links that you may use as you launch and lead your own reading workshop. Please consider adding your own work to this space so that others may learn from you.

Angela Stockman
WNY Education Associates

Providing Students Access to Great Books:

Building a Classroom Library Without Breaking Your Budget:
17 Ways to Get Free Books
FullBooks.ComThousands of Free Ebooks!
National Classroom Donation Programs

Read-Alike Sites Help Keep Kids Reading

Book Swaps and Hunts:

Please check out this blog post by Angela Maiers: Free Books!

Providing Consistent Time to Read:

Summer Reading Lists Around the Web
NEA Summer Reading Suggestions

Strategies for Helping Them Make Good Choices as Readers:

Jennifer Myers on Setting Norms and Rituals
Jennifer Myers Opens the Door on Her Workshop(includes GREAT video demos)
Jennifer Myers Recommended Touchstone Texts
Teaching Readers About the Goldilock's Rule

Goodreads and Shelfari are both social networking sites that allow kids to create their own bookshelves, write reviews, and read those submitted by others.

Progress Monitoring Resources:

Weekly Class Progress Log
Books Vs. Televison Progres Log

Resources for Instruction, Discussion, and Conferencing:

From Steve Peha:
Read Like a Writer
What Can You Say About a Book?

Other Fantastic Links to Visit:

Mrs. McGowan's Class